Transfer A Prescription

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Transferring a prescription is easy! Simply bring in your prescription bottle, give us a call or Transfer Now. We’ll do the rest. All major insurance plans accepted. Your copay will stay the same, but the service will be priceless!

Frequently Asked Transfer Questions:
1. Do I need a new prescription to start using your pharmacy?
No. If you have a prescription at another pharmacy with refills, we simply call them to obtain all of the information.

2. I want to support a small pharmacy but will it cost more?
Absolutely not. If you have insurance, we accept all insurance plans. Your copay’s stay the same because they are dictated by your insurance company, not the pharmacy. If you don’t have insurance, let us impress you with our low prices.

3. I keep meaning to transfer my prescriptions to your store, but forget to call…

Transfer Now. Fast. Secure. 24/7!
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With the following information, we will be happy to transfer your prescriptions!
Date of Birth
Contact Number
Current Pharmacy
Medication Name(s)