Flu Shot Season

As a pharmacist, I am proud to be able to offer vaccines to my customers. Preventing a disease through vaccines is one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine. Flu shots are the most commonly administered vaccines given my pharmacist’s. Every year I prepare for the biggest objection from my customers. “The vaccine causes the flu.” No way! There are two kinds of licensed flu vaccines: an inactivated kind made with dead virus and one prepared with live “attenuated” virus. Neither is capable of reproducing in the human body. Those who say they got sick right after getting the shot most likely were already infected. Or they developed another viral infection unrelated to flu.

I keep my medicine in the medicine cabinet…..that’s what its for right?

During my conversations with many customers, this is a topic that comes up often. Most of the country keeps their medicine in the medicine cabinet. It makes sense right? What most people don’t realize is that it is the worst place you can store your medication. The moisture in the bathroom can cause your medication to break down, becoming ineffective. Spread the word. The next time you are at your loved one’s home take a peak in their medicine cabinet. If you see medication, share my advice. You may just save their life.